Goddamnit Ganston
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my brain: there is literaly a 0 percent chance the fictional shit from creepy games will show up irl in your kitchen

me: but its dark and scary

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I feel like I’m at a point in my life where I know I need to advance the main quest, but instead I faff about doing side quests because the main quest is intimidating and I don’t feel like I’ve leveled up enough to be able to handle it.

My life in video game terms… yes.

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9/11 is not an excuse to be an asshole to every person that walks by wearing a turban or a head scarf or any other traditional head adornment, etc. I know a girl who was afraid to leave her apartment today because of the fear and shame she felt that people would bully her over an event that happened when she was ELEVEN YEARS OLD, however devastating and tragic it was. 

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